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How are you sourcing talent in today's tight tech job market? When your company sponsors Momentum full stack development scholarships, students train with a practical projects apprenticeship tailored to your company's front and back end environment. That means Momentum graduates are ready to work for you on day 1.

Find out why companies from Salesforce to Red Hat to Blue Cross Blue Shield and IBM have hired Momentum grads, many from historically underrepresented groups. New classes start November and January. Reach out today to sponsor students and transform your tech talent search with Momentum.

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How it works


Recruit & Interview

Momentum will recruit, identify, and vet candidates for your organization to interview and ensure they're a good fit for your company.

Full-Stack Training

Momentum trains each student in full stack development, including practical project work and employee readiness training.


Relationship Building

Students integrate early with their new teams at your company, asking questions and building relationships as they navigate the bootcamp process.

360 Checkpoints

After starting their new jobs, students will have regular checkpoints with Momentum instructors to ensure accountability and success.

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Recently Spencer Health Solutions, Inc. partnered with Momentum to help to drive diversity in tech, by providing scholarships to people from underrepresented minority groups to enroll in Momentum’s full-time 16-week Software Engineering Immersive course.

 "Albany beats me here every day, three monitors going at her standup desk. She is completely engaged, she's working hard, and she's learning"

Erika Edwards       Director of Talent Management

Spencer Health Solutions Sees Increased Demand to Deliver In-Home Virtual  Care to Canada's High-Risk Patients Amid COVID-19 Crisis | Business Wire



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